Hello to everyone! Sorry for my silence in the last month. It has been an interesting time lately with a lot’s going on!! We went through some storms, but we did not have any problems. Actually, the weather is getting a bit better with less heat, more humidity, and shorter days. Sometimes the mornings are a little bit cooler.
The guys are working hard on the new house at Mary Immaculate. We are waiting for the subs for fires sprinklers, alarm system, electrician, ac , to do all the wiring. We are waiting for windows to come. Lately there is a backlog in construction, especially in our area, because there are houses going up everywhere!! It seems that we are back like almost 10 years ago, and I am afraid that soon another bubble will burst. Anyway, I am not an economist, and I do not want predict anything, because I trust more in God that anything else.
We had a nice visit from a Latino group in South Florida that go to Peru once a year for a mission trip. They know well our missions there, so they wanted to have a little retreat here in St Augustine with us. They stayed at Marywood Retreat Center and visited all the three houses. Check the video. It is pretty good! https://youtu.be/AIlwviF3ieA.
At the other houses it is pretty much the same. We had some guys and girls enter and more to come. Also John Y. come back after 3 years in Liberia. He is pretty worn out, and we are giving him a little space to get back some strength and get some pounds on him. Life at the mission is pretty demanding, but there is so much fulfillment that I keep encouraging the young people to do it. It is an experience of a lifetime! The poor there are so welcoming. I’ve seen some videos that John brought back that are really great! Beautiful but it moves your heart so much to see the poverty!!
We are also getting in gear for the retreat. I see that some parents are trying to do something for the benefit of the new house at Mary Immaculate. Thank you! I hope that more families will make an effort to help, like other families did at the beginning—we wouldn’t have your sons and daughters here in Community today if families in the past hadn’t helped us.
Just a few days ago we had a nice evening of testimonies at a Legatus meeting in Ponte Vedra at a country club. I took with me two guys and two girls. It was great! We gave a good overview of the Community and also the guys and girls did a great job with their testimonies. We got really good feedback from everyone there.
We pray for all of you